At work: sunrises in Munnikenland Holland

At work: sunrises in Munnikenland The Netherlands

October 9, 2015

I am very lucky that I work in a beautiful place. I work in the middle of nowhere, in a castlemuseum. The medieval castle is surrounded by stunning nature. This area is called Munnikenland, or ‘moncs land’, named after the moncs who cultivated these grounds centuries ago. I start my workingdays very early wich gives me the chance to enjoy great sunrises. Watching sunrises gives me a travelfeeling, even when I am at my work. Fortunately I have a room with a view. Here are some of this years best sunrises from my ‘castle office’.


1 Munnikenland

2 Munnikenland

3 Munnikenland

4 Munnikenland

5 Munnikenland

6 Munnikenland

7 Munnikenland

8 Munnikenland

9 Munnikenland

10 Munnikenland

And one extra photo: swans in the castle moat at sunset!

11 Munnikenland sunset


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