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The art of traveling and the art of blogging


The art of traveling and the art of blogging August 20, 2017 This is a slightly different travel blog than normally. It’s an announcement that I will not be posting on this website for a while. I will be too busy traveling. Also my traveling will be a little...

5 tip for new travel bloggers


5 tips for new travel bloggers April 28, 2017 Often I get the question: how do you do it all? A job, traveling, writing books, managing a travel blog, finding time for sports, dogwalks, friends and loved ones? It turnes out many of my readers want to start a blog...

Blogging tips 10 tips for new bloggers


Blogging tips: 10 tips for new bloggers April 14, 2016  I am blogging for 10 months now and I learned a lot. So it’s time to share some of my blogging tips how to blog from a tent in Ras Mohammed in Egypt without electricity or wifi but with a...