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2015: one year in travels


2015: one year in travels January 1, 2016 Life is about grabbing opportunities. Once you accept the fact that life is finite, you experience a sense of urgency. There is no time to waste. You never know how many days are still to come. Realizing this makes me enjoy every...

Sunrises and sunsets in the Dominican Republic


Sunsets in the Dominican Republic December 18, 2015 One of the things I love most, travelling and at home, is watching sunrises and sunsets. For me most special are sunrises at sea. I love the dreamtime between the dark night and the first rays of light. A new day starts...

Whales in the Dominican Republic


Swimming with whales in the Dominican Republic September 3, 2015 Swimming with two adult male, 15 metres long, Humpbacks Whales was one of the most incredible mornings of my life. This surreal experience last february was bucket list material. An experience where you find yourself thinking: is this real? Is...