The 5th anniversary of

The 5th anniversary of

July 4, 2020

I’m celebrating the 5th anniversary of my travel blog at a time when traveling went from impossible to arduous. Several trips were canceled and even exploring my own country was not possible for a few months.

Nature was given time to recover from the all-encompassing influence of man. I chose to see this period like this. As soon as possible I went back into nature with my dogs and camera, to celebrate nature’s beauty.

I always hiked a lot in nature and went out for sunrises and sunsets. But now I tried to look differently. For the first time I went birdwatching and I even decided to post and wait a few hours to see interesting animal behavior. I discovered grass snakes in a small city park. I waited for young woodpeckers to leave their nests and spent a lot of time with frogs and toads for the first time in my life. I lived according to the squirrels’ rhythm in order to photograph them. I explored small city parks and beautiful forests and finally I went back to my beloved beach.

I spent time on the Veluwe, drove around the IJsselmeer and walked on the former island of Schokland. All beautiful places I will write about in my travel blogs. Instead of travel photos, I now have hundreds of photos of nature and wildlife in my own country. And that makes me just as happy.

So this blog is dedicated to nature and wildlife in the Netherlands. All photos were taken in the last 3 months.


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