Travel inspiration: Red Sea Love

Travel inspiration: Red Sea Love

March 2, 2019

Be careful when you travel to the Red Sea. She will grab hold of every part of you. She will nestle into your veins, your cells and memory. She changes your life and she doesn’t let go as you try to leave. There is something very special about the Red Sea under water world. Diving there is an experience that lasts a lifetime. No matter how many visits, how many dives, it never feels enough. Last year was the first year I didn’t travel to the Red Sea. I thought that she had finally let go of me. I was wrong. She keeps calling my name. First she whispered softly, now she calls compellingly. And what can you do when the sea calls you?

Red Sea magic is not something you get used to. No matter if you stay on the shoreline, or you dive into the depths of the sea. The magic is everywhere. In the sapphire color blue. In waves kissing the mountains. In the sound of the surf on the shore, that makes my heart smile, whatever is going on in my life. Here life flows with the timeless rhytms of the ocean. The Red Sea feels like home, whether I am scuba diving or just enjoying a beach walk. The ocean calms my restless soul. The Red Sea, infinity of miracles.





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