Visiting the Müllerthal in Luxembourg in autumn

Visiting the Müllerthal in Luxembourg in autumn

November 25, 2017

The Müllerthal in Luxembourg is known for its large and often erratic rocks and fairytale forests with small narrow paths and beautiful streams. Especially in autumn it is beautiful here: the leaves turn yellow, orange and red and cover the narrow paths. The Müllerthal has many hidden caves, with names that refer to the sagas and legends from the region. The fascinating names make the caves even more exciting: how cool is it to visit the Keltenhohle, the Wolfsschlucht, the Teufelsschlucht or the Raiberhiel. In addition to caves and streams, the Müllerthal also has waterfalls, of which the Schiessentumpel is the best known. The beautiful arch bridge and surrounding rocks give the waterfall a fairytale atmosphere. And that’s even more the case in autumn. Many hiking trails have been set out along the streams, rocks, gorges, natural tunnels and caverns. The Müllerthal trail has no less than 112 kilometers of hiking trail along and over wooded high plateaus. Here you see 10 photos to convince you that you really have to visit these forests with beautiful rock formations in autumn.


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