12 reasons why you should go on a road trip

12 reasons why you should go on a road trip

November 13, 2017

We have too many roads less travelled, oceans not yet seen, forests not yet explored and people not yet met. It’s time to go out there and explore. And sometimes a road trip is the best way to discover the world and to disconnect from daily routine. Especially when you have been feeling tired, bored and over-worked, a road trip is the best medicine. A road trip allows you to escape the mundane of everyday life. So get in your car and just leave!

Here are 12 reasons why you should go on that road trip:

1 The opportunity to let go

A road trip gives you the chance to escape the stress in your life for a while. We are all busy, most of the time too busy. So stop planning and scheduling your life, and start actually living your life. Breathing the fresh air of new places and new experiences gives you litteraly time to breath. And the best thing is: you share this experience with friends or family. So when life seemed hard and unfair after losing four people to death in three months me, my mom and my dogs took off for a roadtrip Luxembourg to find ourselves again.

2 It allows you to disconnect

Most people are so busy with their virtual lives, that they forget to live their real lifes. So my road trips have only one rule: turn off all of the electronics and take in your surroundings. Be present in the moment, where you are and with whom you are. I am sure it will surprise you how amazing our earth is when you actually look at her in real life instead of through a screen.

3 You will make some unforgettable memories

Road trips equal unforgettable memories, memories that will last a lifetime. And sometimes it are those memories that will carry you through all the ups and downs in life. And they will certainly bring a smile to your face when every you think back on your time on the road. Last august I took my 12-year old nephew on a road trip to Costa Rica. It was just the two of us on a great adventure. We shared some quality time and made memories both of us will never forget.

4 You will meet new people

Being on the road introduces you to new people and most of the time these are people you wouldn’t have met when you would have stayed in your normal surroundings. Not everyone has the same life that you do. They don’t have the same culture or beliefs. Meeting all kinds of people is very important for personal growth and understanding. It enriches you and is just fun.

5 It will change your perspective

On your trip you get to see new places, meet new people and learn new things. You get to chase sunrises and sunsets. You will breath fresh air and you will realise how amazing nature is. You will discover beauty that isn’t found on a map. In Costa Rica we were captivated by the beauty of nature. We saw oceans and mountains. We visited rainforests , cloud forests and counted palm trees. The views were great and the roads were adventurous. Sometimes there were not even roads and we felt one with nature. Road trips highlight the beauty of our earth and our love for life.

6 It encourages you to be spontaneous

There is a huge difference between an organised tour and a roadtrip. Organised tours have a fixed itinerary and a strict time schedule. Even if you want to explore an area a bit more, the bus is leaving and you have to get in. Road trips mean freedom. If you like a place, you stay, if you don’t you move on. When time isn’t pressuring you, you are more likely to try new things and wandering off of the beaten path. Some of the best experiences in travel are when they are spur of the moment decisions.

7 There are no schedules

Plan less, experience more. Probably there is a goal. You want to see something or go somewhere, but there is no schedule. On my road trip with my mom and dogs our destination was Luxemburg. We wanted to see the Müllerthal, but the rest was open. We stopped whenever we saw a place we liked or wanted to explore. It’s great to be able to follow your own rhythm for a while. To stop whenever you want, when you see something beautiful, or when a puppy needs to pie. It brought us to stunning places which are not found in any tour guides. I loved a vaste meadow we found. It gave us the feeling of space and freedom and my dogs could have a nice run after being in the car for some hours. As you drive, you will discover places that weren’t on your list; places you pass on the road that are so beautiful that you just have to stop. And that’s okay, it’s your road trip, you can change your plans any time.

8 You get off the beaten track

As mentionned already above: so many places have hidden gems that you won’t find in the guide books and in organised excursions. Road trips make you take the road less travelled. The earth will reveal more of her beauty to you. Along your route are great places that you would never have thought to stop and see. And there is a good change they will turn into the highlight of your adventure.

9 Bonding with family or friends

A road trip is an experience you share. It is an opportunity to bond with other people. As my nephew said after our road trip Costa Rica: ‘I tell everyone about our trip, but you are the only one who really understands and knows how great it was.’ The two of us in the car experiencing a new country together allowed us to have common memories to grow closer over. Spending hours in a car, making decisions together encourages you to get to know each other and to discover new things and new sides from people.

10 Chasing the sun

During our Costa Rica road trip I discovered it is possible to follow the weather. When it was pourring on one side of the country, we moved easily to the other side. I know summer is the time of the year for road trips, but my advice is: try autumn. Our road trip Luxembourg will be remembered by the stunning autumn colors of the changing leaves. And yes we had some rain, which is actually not a problem when you are dry in the car of having a good lunch in a tiny restaurant you just happened to find.

11 It will give you travel confidence

If the idea of a road trip in a new country with a different culture, that speaks a different language overwhelms you, start easily. Also in your own country there are many roads to be explored. Yes, my Costa Rica road trip with a teenager was sometimes a challenge. Nothing was familiar, verbal communication was difficult, sometimes we couldn’t read the road signs and sometimes there were not even roads. Be brave and just do it. You will be more adventurous. And even if you never go on a road trip again, your new found confidence and experience will be a massive benefit, not only for future holidays, but mainly in everyday life.

12 You will grow as a person

You organised your road trip, had encounters you could never have imagined and had a great amazing time bonding with family or friends. You had some unique experiences which will give you an enormous sense of achievement. And then you realise you didn’t have a road trip, you had a journey of self-discovery!

This year I took two road trips; one for adventure with my nephew in Costa Rica and one to escape life with my mom and dogs in Luxembourg. But I also have some great others to look back to: driving through the Egyptian desert with friends. Exploring Hawaii. Driving my old car up to the Swiss mountains accompagnied by my friend and my dog. Currently I am planning my 2018 roadtrip through Iceland. Road trips are full of adventure and discovery. They have their good and their bad moments but they always have memories worth remembering. A road trip will give you a totally unique experience and may even change your perspective on life. So what are you waiting for? Get in your car. Turn on the ignition. Turn up the volume on your favourite playlist tunes and ask your travelling companions ‘going right or left?’


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