10 tips to improve your travel photos

10 tips to improve your travel photos

July 9, 2015

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1. Know your camera

Be sure you take enough time to practice with your new camera. Learn all of the functions before your trip. I see somany people carrying to most expensive equipment with great functions available while they only use it on automatic. That is such a shame.


Timing is essential. Watch, wait, be patient. Wait for an interesting person to walk into the frame or a bird to pass by. This makes the world of difference for your capture. Specially with photographing animals patience is so important.

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3. Light

The color of the light determines the quality of your photos. The warm light around sunrise and sunset is absolutely the most beautiful light to use. It makes a rather ordinary photo look magical.

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4. Include people in your photos

A person displaying a different culture or tradition, is a valuable addition to your photos. It’s also a great way to create depth in your pictures. By letting a travelcompagnon figure in the landscape you emphasize depth and proportions.

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5. Take note of details

Don’t photograph buildings but look for details. Buildings are just buildings. Details tell stories.

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6. Use the Golden Ratio

In 1202, the Italian Leonardo Fibonacci discovered the Golden Ratio. It is also called ‘natures number’ because it appears everywhere in nature, from the nautilus shell to the sunflower. De Golden Ratio is a proportion of about 5:8 and it’s a powerful composition tool for centuries. Just look closer at famous works of art like the Mona Lisa and you will find the Golden Ratio. Also in photography, the Golden Ratio is easy to apply. It’s a great way to achieve a strong composition in an organic way. This will draw viewers to your photograph.

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7. Use the horizon

For starters, make sure the horizon is straight. For advanced: play with it. The skyline always in the middle is so predictable. Using the Golden Ratio with your horizon gives a playful effect.

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8. Look for color

Color makes your photo more vivid. But also the opposite can be very attractive. Monochrome photography doesn’t always have to be black and white. You can also choose for one or a few base tones.

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9. Capture a feeling

Capturing the atmosphere of a country or the feeling nature gives you ensures your photos come to life. Try to capture feelings: nostalga, solitude, cold or happines.

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10. You can never take too many photos

This last tip is obvious: just experiment. You can never take enough pictures! And you improve your skills by practise.

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