The best 2016 sunrises and sunsets in Holland

The best 2016 sunrises and sunsets in Holland

February 2, 2017

When I am not able to travel, it’s important for me to enjoy the little things in daily life. I make time to explore nature in my own country The Netherlands. And because I never get tired of watching sunrises and sunsets, I make sure I never miss one. Watching sunrises, sunsets or rainbows just makes me happy instantly. For me most special are sunrises at sea. I love the dreamtime between dark and the first rays of light. That magical moment when it’s just me and my dogs at the beach waiting for the sun to appear. A new day is coming and everything seems possible. One of my favorite places for sunrise watching is the island Vlieland. But also close to home or work sunrises are amazing.

Here are some of the best 2016 sunrises and sunsets taken from my house, my work office or during my dogwalks.



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