Dive sites in Dahab Egypt: Three Pools

Dive sites in Dahab Egypt: Three Pools

August 15, 2017

When you are diving one or two days in Dahab South, you really should give the site Three Pools a try. This dive site is located south from Moray Garden and it’s possible to combine both sites in a drift dive.

Three Pools has, as the name already suggests, three pools with a sandy bottum. These shallow lagoons are only three till four meters deep. They are interconnected by saddles of coral and they form the entry and exit point for your dive. This site can be a bit tricky at low tide, so it is best to start the dive at high tide, which will make it easier to pass from one pool to the next. When passing through the pools you will find out how good your buoyancy control is. You start your dive in the first lagoon and after the third one you will reach open water and can descend. First you will enter a small coral garden with amazing colors and some beautiful pinnacles. This pinnacles are housed by many glassfish, which will give you some nice photos.

Three Pools is a good site for Napoleon and moray encounters. Also keep an eye out for crocodile fish and scorpion fish that are hiding in the sandy parts and for octopuses that can be hiding everywhere. Three Pools is not a really spectacular dive site, but it’s fun to swim through the pools. I love how the sunlight shines beautifully in this rather undeep water. It colors the ocean indigo and turquoise, which makes this dive a magical experience.


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