Sunset in the Wadi Rum Jordan

Sunset in the Wadi Rum Jordan

October 29, 2015

Wadi Rum, Jordans famous desert, is everything you would expect: great views, sanddunes to climb, mysterious cave paintings, impressive rockformations and extremes: enormous summer heat and very cold in the winter. But what struck me the most were Wadi Rum’s spectacular sunsets. I found the best place to watch the stunning Rum sunsets: a rock terrace in Khaled’s Desert Camp. Here is a photo essay:

Jordanië 1

Jordanië 2

Jordanië 3\

Jordanië 4

Jordanië 5

Jordanië 6

Jordanië 7

Jordanië 8

Jordanië 9

Jordanië 10


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