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Exploring cities; looking for city nature


Exploring cities; looking for city nature December 15, 2016 The last 16 months I visited some big European cities. The more cities I explore, the more I realize I am not a city person. I love sightseeing and visiting museums. I also love to dive into the city’s history and...

2015: one year in travels


2015: one year in travels January 1, 2016 Life is about grabbing opportunities. Once you accept the fact that life is finite, you experience a sense of urgency. There is no time to waste. You never know how many days are still to come. Realizing this makes me enjoy every...

Canterbury UK: what not to miss?


One day in Canterbury United Kingdom: what not to miss? July 25, 2015 Canterbury is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every brick breathes history, but this little village also offers city nature along the river Stour. This combination of history, culture and nature makes Canterbury an attractive destination. Planning your...