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2016 Travel sunrises and sunsets


2016 travel sunrises and sunsets February 9, 2017 Sunrises and sunsets, I can never see enough of them. When I drive to my work, I often pull the car over to the side of the road to capture the beautiful colours of the sky. Every time I see a stunning sunrise...

2016: one year in travels


2016: one year in travels December 29, 2016 Again a year flew by fast. And again it was a year filled with travels, close animal encounters and spectacular sunrises and sunsets. And again I have learned a lot, to travel is to take a journey into yourself. Diving in Dahab...

Swimming with dolphins in Sataya Reef Egypt


Swimming with dolphins in Sataya Reef Egypt July 12, 2016 Sometimes you discover a place that is so beautiful and so special that you wish for everyone to have an overwhelming experience like that. At the same time you notice that this magical place is vulnerable and needs protection. And...