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Travel inspiration: Red Sea Love


Travel inspiration: Red Sea Love March 2, 2019 Be careful when you travel to the Red Sea. She will grab hold of every part of you. She will nestle into your veins, your cells and memory. She changes your life and she doesn’t let go as you try to leave....

Scuba diving: life lessons from a turtle


Under water adventures: life lessons from a turtle August 11, 2016 As a diver you learn a lot about yourself every dive. Scuba diving teaches you practical things that you can also apply on life in general. Like to stay calm under pressure, to trust your instincts and to respect...

Why you should snorkel in Marsa Alam Egypt


5 reasons why you should snorkel in Marsa Alam Egypt December 11, 2015 My element is the ocean. I’m addicted. When I am at home and close my eyes I still hear the waves, see the ocean and feel the water. Diving is a sensation. Underwater feels like home. But it doesn’t matter how...