Why you should snorkel in Marsa Alam Egypt

5 reasons why you should snorkel in Marsa Alam Egypt

December 11, 2015

Sunny explores Marsa Alam 1

My element is the ocean. I’m addicted. When I am at home and close my eyes I still hear the waves, see the ocean and feel the water. Diving is a sensation. Underwater feels like home. But it doesn’t matter how much I love diving, there is one place in the world where I love snorkling. It’s Marsa Alam in Egypt. The reason? Well there are actually 5 reasons:

Incredibly blue sea

Sunny explores Marsa Alam 2

The color of the sea is amazing here. You just want to jump in and explore the under water magic. I have been here so many times, still I just keep taking pictures of the fifty shades of blue above and under water.

Sunny explores Marsa Alam 3

Sunny explores Marsa Alam 4


Sunny explores Marsa Alam 6

To be honest, the dolphins are the reasons I keep coming back to Marsa Alam. I swam with dolphins in many places in the world, in Hawaii and Bimini, but to me the spinner pods in Egypt are the most special. They are excited to greet you in their world, they accept you in their pod and allow you to be one with them in play. Swimming with free, wild dolphins is undoubtedly a life changing experience.

Sunny explores Marsa Alam 8

Sunny explores Marsa Alam 7

Sunny explores Marsa Alam 9


Sunny explores Marsa Alam 10

Seeing a turtle always makes me happy. The way they move gracefully through the water gives me so many insights. Like: go with the flow. Don’t hurry, things will happen when the time is right. Swim with the current. I love turtle wisdom.

Sunny explores Marsa Alam 12

Sunny explores Marsa Alam 13


Sunny explores Marsa Alam 14

The arabic word for mermaid is ‘arouset el bahr’ which means ‘bride of the sea’. Every time I meet a dugong this word comes into my mind. Dugongs remind me of mermaids. I feel so lucky whenever I get the chance to spend time with these patient ceatures. It’s so great to watch (and hear!) them have a sea grass lunch untill they trouble the water so much that you can’t see anything anymore.

Sunny explores Marsa Alam 15

 Sunny explores Marsa Alam 16

Sunny explores Marsa Alam 17

Fish and corals in all colours you can imagen

Sunny explores Marsa Alam 18

My first time snorkling in Marsa Alam I couldn’t believe my eyes: all those colors coral! And so many fish, in all seizes, in all shapes, in all colors. And when I saw a starfish for the first time I knew for sure my element is the ocean. This is where I belong!

Sunny explores Marsa Alam 19

Sunny explores Marsa Alam 20

Sunny explores Marsa Alam 21

Take a look at my you tube channel for some stunning dolphin movies.


2 thoughts on “Why you should snorkel in Marsa Alam Egypt

  1. frans klaus

    Looks very nice and tempting if it weren’t for the fact that you can get very wet from diving. Besides, my swimming is nothing to brag about (I swim like a brick and dive like a cork my father used to say).
    I will stick to watching photographs and movies.

  2. Sunny Jansen Post author

    Yes, you will get wet from swimming Frans! Maybe watching photos is more safe in your case :P!

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