6 reasons to try scuba diving on your next trip

6 reasons to try scuba diving on your next trip

January 12, 2017


The ocean covers 71% of the earth surface. If your goal is ‘to see the world’, you must learn to dive. And once you tried scuba diving, it will be hard to stop. The voice of the ocean is seductive, whispering, inviting the soul to wander for a spell in the unknown depth. The voice of the sea speaks to the soul. For me diving means experiencing a peaceful, quiet and colourful world. Surrendering to the sea is a spirtual experience. You leave all your problems and worries at the surface and as soon as you disappear under water you will only feel peace with what is.

Here are 6 reasons why you need to try scuba diving on your next trip. Besides the fact that you will miss 71% of the world if you don’t.


You will find peace of mind

When you are under water, the whole world suddenly becomes quiet. All you can hear is the sound of your own bubbles. This makes even your mind and your never ending thoughts quiet. Under water it’s easy to live in the moment and just be and breath. And to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. You could say diving is therapeutic.

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You will get to know your body

While controlling your buoyancy, you also have to manage your breathing. This makes scuba diving a perfect way to learn how to move and control your body. You will realise the water breathes, just like you, with a endless depth below the surface. But there are more lessons to learn. The resistance of water forces us to slow everything down, wich is a valuable lesson in this time of never eding hurry, busyness and seeking for instant results. You will discover what you are capable of and at the same time you will learn to respect your personal physical limits.

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You will get to know yourself and learn to trust yourself

As a diver you learn a lot about yourself every dive. Scuba diving teaches you practical things that you can also apply on life in general. Like to stay calm under pressure, to trust your instincts and to respect your personal limits. Breathing under water is not natural and for some people a bit scary at first. You learn to stretch your comfort zone. And you know what they say: life begins at the end of your comfort zone, or under water! Diving is to take a journey into yourself.

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You know the value of communicating

For divers it’s important to communicate with and check on your buddy. After a while this becomes your second nature. I noticed it’s something I started to apply automatically in life in general: every now and then just checking in with family and friends to see if they are okay.

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You will meet inspiring new people

Most of the time I travel solo. Diving is a great activity to meet like minded oceanlovers. People who love to be surrounded by surf, salt and fresh air and who understand your passion for discovering new places. And I must say, divers are in general pretty cool people to hang out with.

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You know how to get things done

Every diver knows to begin their dive against the current. This also works in real life: getting the hard part of work done first, means the rest of your day will be easier! You know how to go with the flow literally and figuratively. Don’t fight the current, but work with the forces of nature. I learned valuable lessons from diving with turtles. On my first dive in Hawaii I was fighting the current. Then I met a turtle. Heading for his destination, he was also swimming against the current. But at the same time you could see he was going with the flow. He worked for it, but also he accepted the situation as it was instead of fighting it or trying to change it. This opened my eyes: you can reach your goals also going gently with the flow enjoying the ride. You can move with the current, but still following your own path like the turtle.


Besides all these reasons why you should try scuba diving, the most imporant reason is, that it will be an awesome adventure. You will find out that diving is fun! Diving is making memories that last a lifetime. Just one warning: once you surrender to the sea, once you surrender into the experience; scubadiving is highly addictive. You will leave your heart in the sea.


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