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My favorite places of 2018


My favorite places of 2018 February 8, 2019 I love to look back on the highlights of the year gone by and to relive the places that stood out for me the most. It was hard to choose my favorite ones from 2018: I visited so many special places. I...

2018 one year in travels


2018: one year in travels January 4, 2019 Another year has passed, new travel memories were made. The first four months of 2018 were dedicated to hard work. Next to my demanding job at the castle, I finished my new book ‘Holland land of riviers‘ and I completed my education...

The colors of Burano Venice


The colors of Burano, Venice July 31, 2018 Burano is an intriguing island with its colorful houses that reflect into the green water of the lagoon and the channels. It feels like stepping back in time with the leaning bell tower, elderly ladies embroidering Burano lace and fisherman coming in...

Venice city by the sea


Venice, city by the sea July 15, 2018 No city captivates me as Venice. I prefer nature above citylife, so it’s not easy for a city to enchant me. But Venice did. I expected the usual bustle and chaos of the city, and I was warned of huge crowds of...

What to see and do in Venice Italy


What to see and do in Venice, Italy July 9, 2018 Wandering through Venice, you will see that this former trade republic had its gaze on the east. You feel the proximity of the sea and the presence of Arab culture. Herbs and precious materials, but also slaves came to...

Land rover Egypt

Time to Dream


Time to Dream: an old Land Rover June 26, 2015 What if I leave? To go on a long trip and maybe never come back … During our weekly run my dog Vlinder and I pass a blue Land Rover. And every time I see that Land Rover I have...