The five best snorkling sites in Galapagos Ecuador

The five best snorkling sites in Galapagos Ecuador

July 1, 2016

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Recently I published a blog wich five islands to visit in the Galapagos Ecuador. Here are five snorkling spots you can’t miss while travelling around the islands. Snorkling and diving conditions are very divers around the different islands. Some days the sea is calm and the water is clear. On other days or in other places there is more wind and a strong current so floating particles make the visibility less. There is hardly any coral around the Galapagos, the bottum is rocky or sandy. Still snorkling here is a great adventure since you have the chance to meet impressive marine life, like playful sealions, large schools of rays, relaxed turtles and impressive hammerheads.

Pinnacle Rock, Bartolome Island

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For me Pinnacle Rock is by far the best snorkling site in the Galapagos. This one you really can’t afford to miss. Pinnacle Rock, a towering spearheaded obelisk that rises from the ocean’s edge, is the island of Bartolome’s most famous landmark. Green seaturtles use the beach as a nesting site and they can often be seen swimming beneath the rock. The waters around the rock are a restingplace for white tip reef sharks. When I snorkled at Pinnacle Rock, there were eight white tips resting and about six swimming and cruising around. I also saw some gigant diamond stingrays, but what struck me the most were the hunderds of starfish in all shapes and colours you can imagen covering the bottum.

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Devil’s Crown, Floreana Island

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Devils Crown is a vulcanic craterthat has been eroded by the waves. It’s a great place for advanced snorklers. The prevailing current takes you inside and around the crown. You don’t have to swim at all, the current does all the work. But you have to be a good swimmer to deal with the rough water and the high waves. Devil’s Crown is home to numerous marine species like moray eels, sea turtles and sea lions. There are also frequent visits of schools of golden and spotted eagle rays. There is always a lot to see in this site!

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Bahia Sullivian, Santiago Island

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Santiago Island is covered with lava and a thick layer of lava also covers the sea bottum. That means there is not much to see under water, except for interesting lava shapes and many red fish. Due to the many turtles inhabiting this area it is still an interesting place to snorkel. If you take your time and go with the flow like the turtles you will have a great time watching them feed and breath. I even lost count how many turtles I saw this snorkling session.

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Gardner Islet, Espanola Island

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Most interesting about the Gardner Islet snorkel site is the sea lion colony who lives here. Playing with sea lions is great. They are very fast and you will see them shooting by like rockets. They also like to sneak up before your mask to blow bubbles in your face. Specially the young sea lions are very playful. I had one biting my fin while another one pushed my camera out of my hand. So you will understand I didn’t take my best shots that day. Snorkling around the islet you will see many tropical fish like angel, parrot and severeal varieties of butterfly fish.

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Kicker Rock, San Cristobal Island

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Hammertime! If you haven’t seen hammerhead sharks so far on your other snorkling sessions around the Galapagos, you have a fair chance to meet them here. If you are lucky you will see some big marine life here, like eagle rays and turtles. Honestly, there really isn’t much to see here when these large marine creatures like sharks and rays are not there. Also visibility is not good at this snorkling site, but still, when you see one or more hammerheads your day will be great anyway!

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