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A quest for the Big Five in Kenya


A quest for the Big Five in Kenya July 20, 2018 A safari in Africa is always exciting: will you find the wild animals and get a good look at them? Of course the spotting of The Big Five is on the top of your wish list, but that does...

Which Nationals Parks to visit in Uganda?


Which National Parks to visit in Uganda, Africa? February 22, 2017 If you want to see primates in the wild, go to Uganda. This East African country is the home of the biggest populations of chimpanzees and mountain gorilla’s in the world. But Uganda is also a paradise for bird...

A spectacular gorilla tracking in Bwindi Uganda


A spectacular gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Uganda March 31, 2016 One of the most exciting things I ever did is a gorilla tracking. I was so lucky to visit Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda. In this rain forest on the border of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda, live a...

Land rover Egypt

Time to Dream


Time to Dream: an old Land Rover June 26, 2015 What if I leave? To go on a long trip and maybe never come back … During our weekly run my dog Vlinder and I pass a blue Land Rover. And every time I see that Land Rover I have...



Dreams: a travel blog June 13, 2015   Dreams are stubborn. Once they have nested in your thoughts, they don’t want to leave. Dreams are magical too: slowly taking over your mind. In fact dreams are thoughts or feelings that you want to convert into reality, but at the same...